360iVirtual Events is an innovative platform with multiple interactive areas optimized for networking, training, collaborating, and so much more. Your Attendees can move in and out of rooms just like an in-person event, visit the virtual vendor hall and connect with exhibitors as they do live demos and answer questions. There’s also a virtual help desk to assist your attendees if ever they get stuck. Whether you’re transitioning and bringing your physical event online or just starting from scratch, 360i Virtual Events can help you create a fun, engaging, memorable experience for your audience anywhere in the world.


Create An Immersive Experience

Give attendees the rich experience they expect from an in-person event…but with the flexibility of the virtual world. Here attendees will be able to see the schedule visit the lounge and the arena, and interact with their colleagues and friends.

The Arena

Vendor booths have been proven to be highly effective and improve qualified leads for the exhibitor. Here attendees can move around just as they would at a live event and download swag right from the booth. Each vendor will also get private tables where they can Use video to showcase products and services or host one-on-one private conversations with the attendees.


Create that big event feel on this virtual main stage. With moving backgrounds and virtual mood lighting, this is an experience that your attendees will never forget.


Offer a life-like interactive experience at the social lounge. 360i is highly effective in helping build professional relationships and knowledge while optimizing the virtual event experience. Here attendees can chat as a group or privately create special interest meet-up groups or connect one-on-one via video at private tables. If you want to spice things up, try our Speed networking feature. It's a game-changer.



  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Main Stage Conference Experience with Built in Chat
  • Breakout Rooms
  • The Arena(Vendor Hall)
  • Reception
  • Help Desk with Live Chat
  • Templated front end website with integrated checkout.